Outstanding Homes & Properties For Sale By Their Owners, With Full Service Assistance from Completeprofessional real estate services you need while giving you the opportunity to sell your home "By Owner" and save thousands of dollars in commissions. An excellent opportunity for Buyers to save money. Buyers have a tremendous amount of freedom so they can make the decision that is right for them.We put Buyers & Builders together successfully with a collection of services all with a common sense approach.Company Information such as the history of Complete and more.Read the profiles of our agents. Committed to excellence for all your real estate needs.Use our Contact Form to specify your needs and questions or to receive "Our Free Weekly List Of Homes And Land For Sale" that is available to you by mail. 
Complete Real Estate Services
of Josephine & Jackson County in Southern Oregon assists buyers and sellers in all aspects of real estate transactions. The consumer benefits by saving money and having more control of the transaction while receiving full service from one of our licensed real estate consultants. Complete Real Estate Services is a full service real estate company with licensed agents who provide valuable services. We call our agents Complete Real Estate Consultants because they are not just representing you, they are working with you. The key difference between us and an ordinary real estate company is that we offer you choices.
The "Contact Owner" Advantage
After viewing our great selection homes & properties, buyers can contact our sellers directly if they wish. After all, who knows their home and their neighborhood better?

Complete Real Estate Services is helping to lead the real estate industry's paradigm shift to a consumer-driven environment. Complete Real Estate Services unique approach to buying and selling homes lets you decide just how involved you want to be in the process. And in the end you save! We can do everything or we can do just a little.
You choose!

For those seeking to sell their home, we partner with you to help you protect your valuable equity and get your home sold as quickly as possible with few complications, catering to the homeowner that wants to be an active participant.

Sellers, k
eep more of your hard earned equity! Also, fees & options.

Complete Real Estate Services is not just a great opportunity for sellers, it is also an excellent opportunity for Buyers to save as well. The opportunity to talk to the owner, freedom, choices, savings and buyer options.
For more company history see our Information section. You can use our Contact Form to specify your needs and questions
or to receive "Our Free Weekly List Of Homes And Land For Sale" that is available to you by mail.

Find out what Complete Real Estate Services of Josephine County & Jackson County can do for you!

of Southern Oregon, Josephine & Jackson Counties

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Gerard Fitzgerald
Owner / Broker
Toll Free:1-800-433-9397
Office: 1-541-479-3395
Fax 1-541-474-7927
845 N.E. 7th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526


Each Office Independently Owned & Operated
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Complete Real Estate Services specializes in Grants Pass real estate, Medford real estate in the Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon area. Jackson and Josephine County real estate offices provides for sale by owner services. Our realtors in Grants Pass and Medford cover Rogue Valley real estate, homes, land property, commercial listings rogue river homes, land in Southern Oregon, Rogue River real estate for sale by owner private homes. The Grants Pass realty office of CRS is located in Josephine County and the Medford office is is Medford in Southern Oregon


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