Lenor Madruga Chappell
Both Lenor's books are as inspiring a read as any you'll ever have. Not only does Lenor offer wisdom and strength to those coming to terms with their own loss, but she offers us mere mortals a touchstone for raising teenagers, looking for meaningful work, and finding love - Kim Bomley, Producer Lucas Films (ILM), 2001
.If you've ever contemplated your memoirs don't miss the opportunity to meet a truly unique individual for whom personal memoir became a transformation - Victoria Livingstone, Award winning ILM Animator, 2001
.ONE STEP AT A TIME has been the bible for over twenty-one years to cancer patients, amputees, their families and prosthetics throughout the world - Amputee Coalition of America 2001
.One Step at A Time is impressive and critical to all - Publishers Weekly l980
.Find out what makes a woman valiant - New York Times l980
.The bravest woman in America - Family Circle Magazine l980
.While The Next Leg of My Journey is a sequel to the first and based on conquering life's calamities, it is being called "a moving love story." - Bronwyn Asbaker, Tracy Press 2001
.One Step at A Time is a story that rings true-to-life at every turn of the page. A must reading for people experiencing life-altering events. The Next Leg of My Journey is quite a different book. It is not about amputation. Rather, is about how Lenor surmounts other crisis, ones that are too frequently faced by us "ordinary" people - Richard Mooney, InMotion Magazine Sept 2001
.In spite of the tremendous physical loss, Lenor displays unparalleled, unprecedented, charismatic attitudes wherever she is - Fred Karg, Prosthetist 2001
.Your expertise was perfect...an inspiration - George Sumner, President American Cancer Society, N.Y.
.A woman with the determination and self-esteem to win! - Times-Herald, N.Y.
.Harrowing and uplifting, tragic and exhilarating - McGraw-Hill Publisher
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