One Step At A Time - Published by McGraw Hill, 1979, New York
Lenor Madruga had stunning beauty, vibrant health, a handsome, loving husband, two wonderful young children, and a successful modeling career when, on the morning of her 32nd birthday, she discovered a small hard lumb on her thigh. It was cancer. Within a few nightmare months, she had barely saved her life - and lost her left leg.
"A Woman's Inspiring Struggle to Walk Again."
She was a woman who had everything --
suddenly fighting to keep from losing it all.
One Step at a Time is an autobiography translated into ten languages and now in its third printing. It was an alternate selection of Book of the Month and Doubleday Book Clubs and featured as a five thousand word condensation in Family Circle Magazine, and Readers Digest (internationally). It was a major book of the month selection by France Loisirs, and chosen to spearhead the National Cancer Crusade of France. Condensations and pictorials of One Step At A Time (L'Energie De L'Espoir) were featured in major French magazines such as France Soir Magazine; Madame Figaro; and Le Monde and France Soir newspapers.
What the critics said about One Step at a Time:
"Now this extraordinary woman tells the story of her struggle to return from the abyss of pain, drug addiction, self-torment, and depression that threatened to swallow up her entire life. It is a triumphant story of her determination to walk, dance, drive, swim, water-ski, ride horses, make love - and do almost everything she used to do before her operation.
It is a story that will make you realize how great the power of love and faith and courage can be - the revelation of a woman who overcame all the odds to become whole again.
An encouragement to others at the critical times of their lives." -- Publishers Weekly
WINNER, ANGEL AWARD, FOR THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL BOOK OF THE YEAR! "The bravest woman in America..." -- Family Circle Magazine
"Find out what makes a woman valiant ..." --New York Times
"The most candid, moving, inspiring triumph since "First You Cry " --Signet
"A warm-spirited book about what it's like to lose part of yourself and make the best of what is left." --Betty Rollins, Author, "First You Cry"
One Step At A Time was also chosen the most inspirational book of the year by Religion in Media.

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