An interesting journey back in time to the legendary Pottsville, in Merlin, Oregon.
Pottsville, the home of historic gas engines and buildings. It is located on Pleasant Valley Road, off of Merlin-Galice Hwy.
Pottsville was founded by Eugene "Debbs" Potts a former Mayor of Grants Pass and State Senator from Grants Pass in 1961 to 1985.
"An accumulation of the past" is what you will find here. Home of thousands of items commemorating Oregon's history.
A place like this is hard to find now, image 100 years from now!
There are Steam Engines, and a Heavy Horse Drawn Logging Wagon outside and more.
A 1,500 lb concrete step from the state Capitol Building that had burned in 1935, also, a safe from that Capitol Building as well.
How about a Siren off a Horse Driven Fire Truck from the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. How about conversation pieces like a Ozone Machine, a device used in butcher shops before refrigeration was available and more.
A Red Stagecoach, one used to make the run between Kerby and Crescent City, sits in the barn ready to be hitched up to a fresh team of horses.
Pottsville has a fleet of old cars such as a Pottsville Taxi, a 1928 Chevrolet convertible. All of the cars run, including the sleek red 1929 Chrysler.
Tractors, old logging & mining equipment, and thousands of items of Oregon's history is what you will find here! Stop by and see this historic place!
Don't Miss Pottsville's Annual Fathers' Day Antique Tractor Show and Pull - Click Image

Located in Merlin on Pleasant Valley Road, off of Merlin-Galice Hwy.

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